Purpose, People, Passion…. the ingredients for success?

I like any excuse to post a beautiful photograph of food…… this image suggests to me that the simplest of ingredients can be combined together with passion to create an amazing dish that tastes far better than any individual ingredient….

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Creating an amazing business with passion is no different!

Purpose, people and passion are all essential ingredients that create the foundation for business success, yet individually they have little impact.

  • A business with purpose but lacking in passion because it has the wrong people is likely to fail
  • A business with amazingly passionate people who have no purpose to follow is likely top fail
  • A business with good people who do not have a passion for the products or service is likely to fail

A company that has a clear purpose, attracting people who are in alignment with that purpose and therefore demonstrating a passion for its products or services is very likely to succeed.

How do you make sure all the ingredients are in place for your company to have the best chance to thrive and succeed?

1) Take the time to discover and articulate your purpose and the core characteristics that make your company special – I call this the core essence of your brand.

2) Use the essence of your brand as the foundation to recruit a leadership team and employees who are in alignment with your purpose and values.

3) Initiate regular 2-way communications with all employees, maintaining their passion, giving them a voice and ensuring that they feel like a valued, integral ingredient in the company’s success.

Of course you also need to have systems and processes in place to ensure that the company is run efficiently, productively and of course profitably.  Remember though that it is people who set up and run those systems, and it is people who will ultimately determine whether you are successful or not.  If all those people are totally on-board with your purpose, ethos and values they will want you to succeed and will do whatever they can to help you

Purpose, People and Passion – are you on-board?

Richard Flewitt
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