Culture Change

Create an Organisational Culture for the Future


By developing a positive and purposeful culture you will create solid foundations on which to build ongoing authentic success for your company.  With the right culture in place you will recruit the right people to work with you at all levels and attract the right customers to engage with you.

Our transformational staged process will reveal the core essence of your organisation then support you in determining how to truly live it.  All colleagues and stakeholders will feel actively engaged in the organisation to a point that profit is delivered as a by-product of your success.

Stage 1 – The discovery phase will ascertain absolute clarity around your essence, purpose and core characteristics.   The mission and value statements that evolve from these sessions will put firm foundations in place on which to build a truly positive culture.

Stage 2 – A comprehensive 360° gap analysis between the desired culture as established in Stage 1 and the present perspectives of both customers and of employees will highlight the change that is needed to move forwards.  The planning stage will help you to create a tangible plan:
  • Mapping out what changes are required,
  • Identifying who will lead each element (internal or external) 
  • Agreeing on a practical timeline for change to take place.

 Stage 3 – Working with members of your current team or with carefully selected specialists we will support you in embedding change across your organisation.  Your new purposeful culture will fully align through all key activities including HR, recruitment, employee engagement, brand Identity and marketing.

New Edge igniting company culture diagram


Engagement & Communication are Key

Once your new culture is in place and your leadership team is communicating a consistent message to all stakeholders, the whole company can grow and thrive in alignment with your purpose and values.  Beware though that establishing a new culture is not a one-off quick exercise for the CEO/leadership team.  You will need to put processes in place that ensure continuous engagement right across your organisation.   

Regular 2-way communications with all employees is vital making sure that they have a sense of ownership of the culture. Regular involvement will  maintain their passion and interest, giving them a voice and ensuring that they feel like a valued, integral ingredient in the company’s success.

Clients Indigo Brave work with individuals and organisations faced with major challenges, helping their people to  move through and beyond their concerns unleashing hidden potential and achieve real, lasting success.

“Working with Richard has brought some real synergy from all four directors and an understanding about Indigo Brave as an organisation. The process informed our vision and we have a new mission statement that will underpin our culture moving forwards. We have got to the core of who we are as a company; the real essence of what we are, why we do what we do and who we serve.“

Our sister company New Edge Productions have been involved in creating engaging communications for organisations including Unilever, Electrolux and the NHS for many years.  Please contact us if you would like us to help you too.

Of course you also need to have systems and processes in place to ensure that the company is run efficiently, productively and of course profitably.  Remember though that it is people who set up and run those systems, and it is people who will ultimately determine whether you are successful or not.  If all those people are totally on-board with your purpose, ethos and values they will want you to succeed and will do whatever they can to help you


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