Company Essence Discovery

Find and Communicate your Difference –
discover your company’s core essence


tick-blue-v-smallAre you the owner/manager of a small business or a sole trader?

tick-blue-v-smallAre you ready to re-ignite your business & take it to a new level?

tick-blue-v-smallAre you clear on the core distinctions that make you stand out from your competitors?

Our transformational staged process will reveal the core essence of your business then support you in determining how to promote and market to the right customers.


Stage 1 – The half-day discovery phase will ascertain absolute clarity around your essence, purpose and core characteristics.  You will leave the session understanding the true foundations that make your business unique to you and, as a result, differentiate you from competitors.  

Stage 2 – While the discovery phase is inward-facing, stage 2 is all about translating your unique essence into powerful brand and marketing content.  You will leave with authentic mission, vision and value statements that you can incorporate into your marketing activity.  In additional we will spend some time identifying how you can use the information to attract the right customers for your business.

Why is the process right for You

discover your company essenceBy being empowered to express the truth about who you are and why you do what you do, you will attract people into your life and work who align with your values.  They are more likely and are more likely to understand you, like you and trust you.  The tangible results from a Company Essence Discovery session can be put into place immediately, determining your future direction and growth, while also helping you to stand out in the market place.

The overused term ‘unique’ is used deliberately.  Every individual and brand, from multi-national organisations to single-person businesses have an essence that manifests as a perception by customers and employees.  This intangible feeling helps people to make decisions about whether they like you, trust you and ultimately want to do business with you or work for you.  As it is representative of your identity as well as your purpose your essence is unique only to you.

New Edge testimonial from Paul Crick, performance coach
Although it is one sure way of expressing your identity clearly, many people simply don’t make the time to discover their uniqueness.

Why? Because it is an intangible aspect and difficult to articulate, the discovery process involves a commitment to taking time out of the busy-ness of day to day life for a few hours and spending time on your self or your business.  

It is about recognising the attributes and characteristics that drive you and your team to want to succeed and be the best that you can be – every day.

What will you take away from the Process?

testimonial-nigel_watson-q4With this information in place forming a solid foundation for your business you will be empowered to make confident, strategic decisions around future marketing, growth and development. 

Your customers will see you for who you truly are, encouraging greater trust and loyalty from them while also clearly differentiating you from your competitors.

Whether an individual, entrepreneur or director of a company we are looking forward to working with you and are confident that, through our discovery process, we can catalyse change and make a positive impact on the next stage of your journey to success, happiness or growth.

Please call Richard on 01949 861848 to book your session or find out more.

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