Ignite a Positive Company Culture

Creating engagement & loyalty from all stakeholders for ongoing success

Your customers and employees will make their decision to engage with you based on whether they like you and feel that they can trust you.  Your biggest challenge as a leader is to show them the real purpose and character of the company across everything you do. You can create a positive culture that will engage them and help to make their businesses or lives better, easier or happier.

You may recognise one of the following circumstances:

 tick-blue-v-smallOur culture is not as positive as it could be, and is not represented across everything we do?

tick-blue-v-smallWe don’t have absolute clarity around our purpose, values and brand identity?

tick-blue-v-smallOur employees are not all a perfect fit for our organisation & happy to go the extra mile?

Working with New Edge will help you to attract the right customers and retain good employees. You will develop a culture that ensures longevity with ongoing success. Now, more than ever before, customers and employees are engaging with you because of who you are and what you stand for. 

Whether you want to attract customers and employees who understand your company vision and values, or keep staff and stakeholders engaged with a sense of ownership, we can help. Our staged process will ignite a purposeful culture that helps everyone to feel connected with your organisation.

Are you from a Larger Company or Organisation?

Our 3-stage Igniting a Positive Culture process will help you to develop a culture that will form solid foundations for your future. As a result, employee engagement and customer retention will improve.  Your brand essence and identity will be a true representation of your company while profits will increase as a by-product of your success.

“Working with Richard has brought some real synergy from all directors and an understanding about who we are as an organisation. The process informed our new mission statement that will underpin our culture moving forwards.
We have got to the core of who we are as a company“
Laila Elizabeth Risdon, Indigo Brave

Are you the Owner/Manager of a Small Business?

Our 2-stage Company Essence Discovery process offers you the opportunity to articulate the personality and purpose that truly define your brand; the who and the why. Once embedded through all levels of an organisation your Company Essence will underpin all business activities from recruitment to sales to customer service.

“I came away from our session with the greatest level of clarity, passion & excitement I have had since setting the business up 16 years ago.  Within a very short space of time, I was able to see past the clutter and experiences of my company’s journey, reconnecting with an enormous sense of clarity & purpose.”
Nigel Watson, Q4 Solutions

In the Hands of Experts

You can be confident that you’re working with a dedicated, professional team whose first priority is a thorough understanding of the true DNA of your organisation. As a result you will be guided to make the changes necessary to create a sound, positive culture that leads to ongoing success for your company.

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