We all lose focus from time to time. Re-discover the real YOU and find your way forward to success and happiness A unique series of new workshops will help you to the make the right decisions to find your true direction – with increased confidence and motivation. April will see the official launch of innovative and practical workshops helping participants to discover the special strengths, attributes and motivations which make up their personal brand or essence.  From the moment we … Continue reading

Should culture, ethos and values underpin every HR recruitment policy?

do culture, ethos & values underpin your recruitment

I have witnessed two examples in the past week of companies where recruitment actively prioritises attitude and a good fit with the company’s culture and values. Is the HR recruitment tide turning? It was no surprise to me to discover that both companies score very highly on both employee satisfaction and employee retention.  Both companies could cite numerous examples of employees who had enjoyed varied careers within the company.  It was recognised that they had the right attitude and were therefore worth the … Continue reading

Purpose, People, Passion…. the ingredients for success?

purpose, people passion, the ingredients for success?

I like any excuse to post a beautiful photograph of food…… this image suggests to me that the simplest of ingredients can be combined together with passion to create an amazing dish that tastes far better than any individual ingredient…. Creating an amazing business with passion is no different! Purpose, people and passion are all essential ingredients that create the foundation for business success, yet individually they have little impact. A business with purpose but lacking in passion because it has the wrong people … Continue reading

Is your company Soulless? Answer these ten questions to find out…

SOUL-photo credit a href=httpwww.flickr.comphotos55104877@N003368709406DSC_0015_1890_015_2a via httpscreativecommons.orglicensesby-nc-nd2.0(licen3368709406_a8fed2feaf_b

My belief is that, despite the title of this article, no company is without a soul. However it is often the case that the soul (or core essence, or company spirit) that was the reason for setting up the company in the first place has been lost, or clouded by the post-industrial age drive for pure profit. The vast majority of companies were originally set up because one person, the founder, believed that they could achieve something new, more efficient, more effective, or … Continue reading

I found Passion in a New York Sweet Shop

new york sweet shop

After an amazing family trip to New York this is the last thing I thought I would be writing about!  Yes, I found passion in abundance in a candy store, but probably not the kind of passion that immediately springs to your mind  😉 I was travelling with my partner, Elaine and 2 children Alfie and Jemima, now 20 and 18, and we had spent the morning cycling around Central Park – which was a wonderful retreat after all the hustle … Continue reading

Are you going to live 2016 in the now, or choose to avoid things for fear of the ‘what if’s?

2016 year of now

I am choosing to live 2016 in the now, following my passions and beliefs while confronting any issues as they emerge.  My mission is to do whatever I can to help companies and individuals to be true to their purpose and be the best that they can be. Whether running a business or running your life, placing purpose at the centre of everything you do will give you the best chance to succeed authentically and in a manner that is sustainable. Is 2016 a … Continue reading

Does your Core Essence inform everything your company does from Marketing to Recruitment?


There is a lot of buzz around companies being purpose-lead at the moment, and putting my cards on the table from the outset, I completely agree that the essence, or purpose of a company is key to growth and success… So what does purpose-lead actually mean?  I have heard and read a variety of interpretations of purpose and mission statements that give companies the justification to claim that they are purpose-lead: ‘Our CEO is driven by the fact that our products will serve … Continue reading

4 Key Steps to Establish the Foundations for Sustained Growth

The foundations for sustained growth

You are very likely to be reading this if your organisation is  pretty well established with a solid customer or service-user base, good employees, a regular income,  and healthy turnover, YET you just know that there is more…. You have the potential to be bigger, better, stronger and wealthier, only you have settled in a very comfortable position where everything is OK,  so you are unsure about rocking the boat, unsettling staff and risking everything that you have achieved to date. Sustainable growth is … Continue reading


Booean - logic

Alternatively, the title in long-hand reads: the combination of your purpose and your people, when communicated to employees and customers effectively will lead to the success of your business OK, I am not, and never will be a mathematician so this very poor attempt at creating an equation representing the importance of purpose and your people as a gimmick to attract your attention!! The post is inspired by today’s Google image inn honour of the birthday today of George Boole, a … Continue reading