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Founder of New Edge, Richard Flewitt is at his best when helping companies to ignite a positive, purposeful culture or discover the true Essence of their company.   Richard works with leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to gain clarity around the core motivation and attributes that give them a unique edge.

Many companies are defined by the products or services that they deliver; an outside-in approach where their product is successful, business grows and more products are introduced in order to sell more and maximise profit.  The truth is that most people do business with other people, and whereas customers can often find a very similar product down the road at another supplier they will never find another company like yours.  Every company has unique traits and characteristics that make it different from the competition, but leaders rarely step out of the business for long enough to discover what they are.

An Inside-Out Approach


Richard’s inside-out people-centered process creates a brand ethos and culture that everyone can feel part of.  The benefits over time will be both tangible and measurable:

  • Staff morale improves because employees understand why they do what they do and feel included.
  • Productivity increases as a result of having a happier workforce
  • Products and services are re-evaluated in line with the defined ethos
  • Marketing, sales and communications are all aligned
  • Profitability is maximised

Richard’s role is to guide you through an inside-out process that will help you to identify the uniqueness of your brand, then sculpt it into a language that you can shout proudly from the rooftops to tell customers and employees alike who you really are and why you do what you do.  You will get clarity on what changes need to be made so that your whole organisation can be on-side, with everyone working to their own potential and helping to make your company the best it can be.  Employees become better advocates and feel a sense of loyalty to the brand while customers understand why they like doing business with you – and want to do more.

In preparation for this role Richard has spent more than 25 years on a parallel journey of learning and development.  From a professional point of view Richard has honed skills in corporate communications; initially from a career in television current affairs production complimented by an MA in Investigative Journalism and more recently applying that learning in the corporate world to internal and external communications.

On a personal level Richard has followed a calling to work with what he describes as the ‘Universal Energy’ that impacts all of our lives – whether consciously or unconsciously. This manifests as insight on Richard’s part that helps him to guide others to be the best that they can be on either a business or personal level.

Richard now works with leaders of organisations to help them to be authentic and express their own passion and core essence – the real WHO and WHY in what they do.  Only when this has been articulated can the company decide on their core values which will become embedded throughout the organisation.

Call Richard on 01949 861848 to arrange an initial meeting to see how he can help you.


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